WP Capital is an international broker based in Poland with a branch in Belgium.

We successfully serves clients across a wide range of industries, from leading commercial and financial organizations to high-growth ventures, philanthropic organizations, and industry associations.

We provide mediation in international trade and the development of contacts in professional network. 

We have contacts in almost all countries of the world and reliable trusted partners in Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, USA, Russia, Turkey and Poland.

We help to invest in Startups and to carry out international trade.

In international trade we brings together buyers and sellers. 

We help our clients to invest in business, real estate and alternative investments (art, diamonds, yachts, etc.)

We work with the most reliable banks, with the most promising investment and venture funds, with famous art dealers, with experts in diamonds, yachts and whiskey.

We help our customers to become richer.

Art has become a rising investment opportunity for investors worldwide and is considered to be a new form of asset class to be included in modern alternative portfolio management. The best part about investing in art could be seen in the effects of diversification, which typically finds its limits when investing through conventional methods. Although art contributes as an additional source of return with an attractive risk-reward ratio, it is important to remember that due to globalization, overall market correlation has actually increased over the years.